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4-wire resistive touch screen is a type of touch sensing technology used in many electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and ATMs. It consists of a flexible top layer and a rigid bottom layer separated by small spacers, with conductive wires attached to each layer. When a user touches the screen, the top layer makes contact with the bottom layer, which creates a change in electrical resistance. This change is detected by the controller, which then sends a signal to the device to perform a specific action, such as opening an app or typing a letter.

One of the benefits of 4-wire resistive touch screens is their low cost and ease of production. They are also highly durable, as they can withstand strong pressure and can be used with a stylus or any other type of pointing device. However, they are not as sensitive as other types of touch screen technology, such as capacitive touch screens, and they can also be affected by environmental factors such as dust and moisture. Additionally, they do not work well with gloves, as the material of the gloves interferes with the electrical resistance of the touch screen.

Overall, 4-wire resistive touch screens are a reliable and cost-effective solution for many touch-based applications, and are widely used in a variety of industries.

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